I have a 8" x 5" b/w book of illustrated poems
and quotations that you may purchase.
Many of the poems on this web site are included.

USA - $2.02
CANADA - $2.38
MEXICO - $3.38

Or you may email me at the following for more information:


The poems listed below are poems in the book that are not yet posted on this website.

Believe In Yourself Eternal Love Look and Listen
Your Conscience The Right Choice Respect Your Mom
Help Me Understand One Day I Might Be Thankful Prayer For Self Love
Life Is Like A Tug-Of-War Your Spirituality Life Is What You Make It
Quotations To Live By Friendships Life's Greatest Investments
Success Let Go And Let God Toot You Own Horn
Faith Books Prayer For Success
Peace Of Mind Tribute To My Friend, Mr. Jones Take Charge
Decisions Move On Independence


The first 15 poems listed on Agatha's Poetry are also in the book.

Agatha's Poetry


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