Don't waste too much time in thinking about thoughts of yesteryear. About a loved one whose been taken someone so very dear.

For time goes by so swiftly, and the years seem to fade away. Just look what you've been missing in dreaming of yesterday.

Look around you at your loved ones', the ones' longing for your touch. A few kind words, a friendly smile, is that asking for too much?

For these are the ones who need you now, the others have gone to rest. Hold your chin up, make a promise, then try to do your best.

So gear your energies in the right direction, I'm only telling you for your own protection.

Then if by chance another is taken you can rest assured he was not forsaken.

Live for the living don't dwell in the past, for nothing in this world shall last.

So cherish each moment that comes your way. Live for the living day by day.

"To die in Christ is to be born again"

© Copyright, Agatha Weeks



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