Deliver Me From the Perils of Alchohol

Deliver Me From the Perils of Alchohol

This poem wasn't written for those of you who control alcohol,
but rather for those of you who alcohol controls.
(This could also apply to other addictions as well)


Ms. "Merry" Merlot and Mr. Joe V. L. Daniels, better known as "Jovial", have destroyed more people than all of the wars put together without a single shot; a bullet that is.

They are your best friend when you are alone because they are there when no one else is. They can numb your brain for a short while, and make you feel relaxed after a hard days work.

The truth of the matter is that they keep on numbing your brain and attacking your mind long after you think they are gone. Then you blame other things in life for the pain that you have allowed them to inflect upon you.

Ms. Merlot and Mr. Daniels make a gruesome team. Nothing is more inviting than Ms. Merlot with her tempting, chilling, grape-like potion. It is guaranteed to confuse you, screw you, rob you of your self esteem, and your identity. Also, it will rid you of your friends; other than those who drink from the same cup.

Being that Ms. Merlot and Mr. Daniels are both contagious, chances are that you also have contacted this disease from a family member, so be sure that you aren't caught up in its same turbulent path of destruction.

This disease can be fatal if not caught in time, but fortunately if the victim recognizes his sickness and chooses to seek help, he can be cured.

Wear a mask if you must, for alcohol is more damaging to one's body than leprosy was in years gone by. It is the tormentor of all tormentors. It has been known to rob could be mothers of having children, and for mothers who have children, it has robbed children of their mothers.

Alcohol can be devastating not only to the individual himself, but also to other family members as well. So if you know of anyone fitting the description of Ms. Merlot and Mr. Daniels, please don't take a shot; it could carry a death sentence. Just dial 1-800-HELPMEJESUS, instead!

"Please Dear God, help me change
my wine back into water"

© Copyright, Agatha Weeks


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