Give Thanks

Give Thanks


Oh God instead of asking a favor of you today, I think that I will count
my blessings and bow my head and pray.

First I want to thank you God for my eyes that truly see,
a world so filled with beauty that you have put here just for me.

I thank you God for my nose that smells the freshness of a new born day.
The fragrance of a beautiful rose, the fresh breeze blowing gently along the bay.

I thank you God for ears that hear the chuckling sounds of a child at play,
a chirping bird, a barking dog, as I stroll merrily along my way.

I thank you God for my hands so strong to care for me and my fellow man,
for hands that I can fold in prayer and thank you once again.

I thank you God for my legs and feet that carry me wherever I go.
Whether it be to walk or run, or dance and have fun;
I want you to know that I thank you God.

But after all is said and done, what matters most you see,
is that I use these gifts in such a way that you will be proud of me.

Rather than be selfish, and use these gifts for the good of myself,
I hope that I will be generous, and share them with someone else who is less fortunate.

For these gifts that you have given me are not my very own,
you're just lending them to me until you call me home.

So God I bow my head and pray, not just for a favor from you today,
but rather for the courage to give my gifts away, by doing first for others.

Author: Agatha Weeks
Copyright 2003


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