Love Me, Love Thyself

I wrote this poem to myself from me


I know that I have done you wrong but don't take it out on me, for I'm just an ordinary girl trying to find the woman in me.

It seems that when I stumble and fall rather than pick me off the floor, you seem to walk all over me, it's clear that you don't like me any more.

I sense that you have turned your back on what once was your best friend. Won't you please forgive me and love me once again?

I never meant to hurt you, you're everything to me, You're my life, my dreams, my shining star, and will always be.

So let us join together and not dwell in the past, for in forgiving me you forgive yourself, is that too much to ask?

I'll work with you, we'll start anew, there's nothing in this world the two of us can't do. But still I'll need your help, for I cannot do this by myself, and you can start by loving me.

Love, you


© Copyright, Agatha Weeks


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