Make God No. 1


How do you feel when you have a new love,
doesn't passion swiftly flow through your veins?

How do you feel when looking
into the eyes of your first born?
Don't you want to jump with
joy until the early morn?


How do you feel when preparing for a race?
Do you sleep the night before,
or do you just pace the floor all night?

How do you feel when watching
your favorite sport?
Does your adrenalin get so high,
that if you were a rocket
you'd passionately fly into the sky?


All these things are so much fun
and are experienced every
day, but listen to me carefully,
hear what I have to say.

How do you feel when experiencing God?
Do you feel like a child with a brand new toy,
sharing the word with all your
friends so they too can enjoy...


Or do you pray as others do, with just half a heart;
allowing your wandering mind to keep wandering,
right from the very start?

Permitting fleeting thoughts to enter
into your self indulging mind, where
you turn your back on your best friend.
How could you be so blind?


If only you would invest in God as much
as you've invested in yourself,
you'd be shouting his name from every rooftop,
instead of putting him on the shelf.

You'd be praying with no distractions for he'd be
first and foremost on your mind, and your passions,
instead of life's pleasures, would change from
"mine", to "thy will be thine".


Then your life will be worth living, for you'll now
live it in such a way, where you'll focus first
on God, each and every day.

Now there'll no longer be that longing, nor will there
be much strife, for you've chosen to make God,
No.1 in your new life.


So shut your eyes, and thank God
for allowing you to finally see,
that you will never experience true peace of mind,
without first changing your priorities...

and that is to make God No.1 in your life.


Author: Agatha Weeks
Copyright 2003


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