When You Don't Like The One You Love

It's so sad when you don't like the one that you love, the one you should like and be so proud of.  It's a shame that now when he walks in your door that you're no longer his queen, nor he your king anymore.

Now everything's wrong that used to be right.  He says it's black and you say it's white.  Oh where on earth did we go wrong, hurting each other all day long.

I hardly know the man that I used to like, for he's as different now as day is to night. He used to compliment me when we'd go out at night, telling me that I looked so nice.  Now the only compliments I hear him say are to one of my friends, or someone else along the way.

The "I love you's" that were spoken each day, now they too like the rest have just faded away.  There's no longer the gleam  that he once had in his eyes, and never that touch as he now passes me by. There's also no laughter in our once happy home, unless we're talking to someone else on the phone.

 Then each night as we head for our big lonely bed, he wonders why I now turn my head.  Oh where on earth did we go wrong, hurting each other all day long.

According to him I do nothing right; I'm as mean as a snake and as cold as ice.  But according to me it's the same old song, as he once again tells me that he's done nothing wrong.

There's this old saying so sad but true;  "It's not what you did but what you didn't do".  So why not throw away our pride and try and see the others' side, and be the person that we used to be when I first met you, and you first met me!

© Copyright, Agatha Weeks


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