Wounded Friends


Have you ever been "caught in the middle" of a disagreement between friends or family members,
not knowing what to say or do for fear they will accuse you of choosing sides?
If so, then please read this poem, for it might shed some light on the subject.

There are three types of friendships, and it doesn't take long to see,
that it's the friend who stands beside you who proves his loyalty.

There's the Silent Friend who says nothing at all, for fear of hurting another,
but by remaining silent he takes a stand, for he chooses, not, to help the other.

Then there's the Pleaser Friend who "straddles the middle of the road".
He listens first to one friend, then the other; to juggle is his goal.

Finally there's the True Friend who stands firmly by your side,
defending what he feels is right; to whom you can confide.

His friendship is as strong as diamonds.
His worth; more precious than the stars above.
His loyalty; true and never ending
His love; warm and gentle as a dove.

His wisdom helps you acknowledge right over wrong,
His strength give you courage to continue on.
His faith gives you hope for a brighter tomorrow.
His peace instills calmness, helping you choose joy over sorrow.

Now that you have read these words, I ask, what kind of friend are you?
Are you a Silent Friend, a Pleaser Friend, or is your friendship True?

Think about it for awhile; where does your friendship fall?
And if you have to think too long, then............
you're not a True Friend at all.


You can never go wrong when you stand for what's right.

A Pleaser Friend "straddles the middle of the road";
a True Friend stands by your side,


He who "straddles the middle of the road" is sure to get sideswiped

Say what you feel; not what you feel you must say

Stand up and defend or fall down and offend

SUBTRACT a wrong Today

ADD it to Tomorrow
or it will
MULTIPLY in a week
DIVIDE friendships forever.

In order for a wound to heal properly, it must first heal from the inside out.
But all the while it is healing, it must receive tender loving care,
otherwise it will harden and become calloused, leaving an unsightly scar forever.

A broken heart is much like a wound, for once its been broken,
it also must heal from the inside out. And all the while it is healing,
it must be nurtured by the one who has damaged it, reassuring him that they care.
By doing so, the heart will soften, and open to forgiveness, rather than remain hard and calloused.
Because of this, conflicts will end, and friendships mend.

A True Friend is hard to find,
so when you find him treat him kind.

In return he'll do the same for you,
if indeed his friendship be True.

Author: Agatha Weeks
Copyright © 2007


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