Your Emotions

Your Emotions

Deuteronomy 30:19
I have set before you life and death
Blessing and cursing, therefore choose life
That both you and your descendents may live


I'm your emotions the thermostat of your soul
Sometimes I run hot
While other times cold

I can be your best friend and add sunshine to your day
Or I can be your worst enemy
And send dark clouds your way

The hand you're dealt you cannot help
How you play it is your choice
So rather than just give up on life
Instead why not rejoice
Control me stand up to me don't let me have my way
If not I'll destroy you
What a precious price to pay

The tide is coming I hear its sound
The choice is yours to swim or drown
I see a lighthouse shining bright
It casts its rays and sheds its light

You have a choice it's not up to me
To swim or drown
What shall it be?

Author: Agatha Weeks
Copyright 2012








Music: Quiet
by Dolphins Dream's Quietude

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