My name is Agatha Weeks, and I was born and reared in the historic town of Natchez, Mississippi, one of the oldest settlements, located on the banks of the Mississippi River.

I began reading poetry at the ripe old age of ten. I remember going into our living room, pulling out a large orange book of poems, and reading, what seemed to be for hours.

Writing poetry became my passion, and the best way for me to express my feelings, especially when there was a crisis in my life.

I found it comforting to add humor to the many challenges that appeared in my everyday life. For humor, along with the sounds of laughter, reflects a more accepting and forgiving person; one whom others respect, and want to be around.

You will find that humor, as well as sadness, is reflected throughout my entire book. For I have learned that what makes you sad today, might just make you glad tomorrow!

I think you will be interested to know that most of these poems were written about my own life experiences, for they are "The Reflections of my soul".

I don't have a four year degree in counseling, but more like a sixty-five year degree in Life's Lessons. I graduated from the school of Hard Knocks, with on the job training. My major was in Feelings, and my desire; to share them with you.

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