I have dedicated my book, along with this web site, in loving memory of my dear Mother, "The Wind Beneath My Wings".
My Mother, My Best Friend

She gave me life, she gave me faith, she gave me consolation. She gave me strength, she gave me courage, to face my trials and tribulations.

She praised me for making the right choice, but scolded me when I did wrong. She taught me that the art of laughter was more valuable than the most precious stone.

Then one day after I was grown, and had young children of my own, my dearest mother passed away. My heart grew heavy, and I felt so all alone. I prayed to God for guidance, for I couldn't make it on my own.

It wasn't long before my prayer was answered; I could sense that she was near. For once again I heard her comforting words as she whispered in my ear. "My dearest child be not afraid of anything that life may bring, for I'll always be there to help guide you; I'll be the wind beneath your wings".

I bowed my head, and on bended knee I thanked God once again, for giving me back what I thought was lost - My Mother, my best friend.

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