Life has its ups and life has its downs.
Some days you wear a smile,
while on others you wear a frown.

But even when confusion fills your seemingly hopeless day,
just remember my dear that although I'm not near,
I'm just a phone call away.

Some days there'll be sadness no matter how hard we try,
but just remember that I'll try to bring gladness,
for I hate to see you cry.

Then on days when you're feeling lonely,
longing for someone to share in your life,
always feel free to call on me,
even though it be in the middle of the night...

For I'll be there for you always,
no matter what lies ahead;
to hold your hand, to dry your tears,
to help pick you up once again.

My ear will willingly listen;
my shoulder will shield you from harm.
My heart will love you unconditionally,
and my love will keep you warm.

So remember my dear when you're down and out
and things don't seem to be going your way,
that you can count on me, for although I'm not near,
I'm just a phone call away, for...

I'll always be there.

Author: Agatha Weeks
Copyright 2003


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