Materialistic GirlMaterialistic Girl

Materialistic Girl

It's so hard not to be a materialistic girl when we live in such a materialistic world, help me God I pray.

Help me realize that life is so short, help me Lord to do my part in making this a better place to be.

For all my life I've lived selfishly, first thinking of myself and secondly me, oh how sad.

But I also know that it's never too late to change one's ways, and appreciate the beautiful things of life.

For all that glitters is not gold, and I'm glad I've realized this before growing old, for it's later than you think.

Now my glitter is seen in the eye of a less fortunate soul as he passes me by, and I lend him a helping hand.

I know I'll be tempted from time to time to try and slip back into that old world of mine. But now I thank God for eyes that see, that it's in helping others that I'm helping me the most.

Help keep my glitter from shining so bright, that it distorts my vision from seeing what's right for me.

© Copyright, Agatha Weeks


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