Never Give Up

Never Give Up

It is important to "keep chasing your rainbows" all through life,
if you want the ultimate happiness.


We're here today and gone tomorrow, life's over in a blink. So be the best you can be at whatever you do, for it's later than you think.

Don't ever give up when the going gets tough but stay and see it through. For if you ever give in you'll never win, and the loser will be none other than you.

If you reap what you sow keep sowing, and if you find what you seek keep seeking. Don't ever become too satisfied, for I'll assure you if you do something will die inside, and you'll quit trying to be the best that you can be.

Far better in life to be discontent, than later in life to have resentment towards yourself for not having given it your best.

For too much contentment breeds laziness and keeps one from reaching his goals. So remember to keep chasing your rainbow, but hope that you never find "the pot of gold".


© Copyright, Agatha Weeks


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