I'm The Proud Son of a U.S. Serviceman

I'm The Proud Son Of A U.S. Serviceman


I'm the proud son of a U.S. Serviceman,
but he'll no longer be coming home,
for he's gone to live with God above,
now mom and I will have to make it on our own.

I remember the day dad bid goodbye
to me and my weeping mom.
He said, "my son take care of things,
for I know not how long I'll be gone."

Although there were tears in his saddened eyes,
he managed to fake a smile.
He pulled us close and held us tight,
and said "God protect my wife and child."


He said, "my son the time has come
now I must go away, in order to
preserve the freedom of the greatest
country in the world; that of the U.S.A.

Many a dad will go to war,
and some will lose their life,
but in order to preserve our freedom,
he must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Our forefathers fought for our freedom,
and it is our duty to do the same,
for if we turn our back and walk away,
we'll have no one else to blame, but ourselves.

US Flag

There'll be a few who'll protest the war
and this is their right you see, but had it not been
for the "blood of our forefathers",
this would have been a forgotten legacy.

I hope you'll now understand my son
the reason why I must go, and should
the day come when you're called to serve,
you'll already know, that it is your duty to serve
your country in order to preserve its freedom.

Then he turned and walked away,
so proud, so brave, so strong,
for although saddened I now understood
why it was that my dad had to be gone.


It wasn't over a month or two,
when we got the dreaded call, that confirmed
my dad had been "killed in action";
he'd bravely died for us all.

We cried, and anger engulfed our lives;
we were wretched with so much
pain, for although we'd gained our freedom,
we knew that our lives would never be the same.........

For mom had lost "the love of her life",
and me, "my very best friend",
and although the war though now over,
our heartaches would just begin.


We cried and pleaded,
"God grant us the strength to cope,
and the courage to endure our pain",
and after awhile the dark clouds broke
and the sun was shining once again.

Until this day I can hear the words
that my dad last spoke to me.
"Many a dad will go to war,
and some will lose their life,
but in order to preserve our freedom,
he must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Through the heartaches, the tears, the strife,
I've learned to "never take for granted our freedom,
our right; to choose, to speak, to worship,
to be free, for this is what America means to me...

US Flag

For I'm the proud son of a U.S. Serviceman
who gave his life for me,
and because of his bloodshed our freedom
is preserved, now we can continue
to live in the land of the free!!!


Thank you dad, and
God bless the U.S.A!!!

Author: Agatha Weeks
Copyright 2003


Please remember to pray for the families of those
lost in the war, for although we go about enjoying our
freedom because of their ultimate sacrifice, there will
always be that "missing link" in the lives of
their loved ones...

"For even though one day should they fill his space,
no one will ever be able to take his place"

Statue of Liberty


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