Testimony of A Fool

Testimony of A Fool


As I sit here in my retirement home reminiscing about thoughts of years gone by,
I hope you listen to what I'm about to say, and this is the reason why.
You see, when I was just a young dad with a family of my own,
I was too blind to see that the things in life that mattered the most,
just one day might be gone.

I was only forty-five years old and had been married most all my life.
I had two teenage children, a lovely home, along with a faithful wife.
But my life became so boring with the same things happening each day.
Sex grew so monotonous, and my lust seemed to just slip away.

My wife, instead of my once lover, became my best friend.
I grew to love her more like a sister, or so I thought back then.
Lustful thoughts began invading my once faithful mind.
My wandering eyes became more wandering, most all the time.


I justified my actions though, for my wife just couldn't see,
that it was entirely her fault, what was happening to me.
She was always so involved with our young boy and girl,
that she didn't understand me, nor did she include me in her world.

She was always doing for others and somehow neglecting me.
How could she have been so blind that she couldn't even see,
what was happening to us.

When I reached out in lust and followed it through,
there was nothing in this world that my wife could do,
for I'd found the "love of my life",
a one of a kind, or so I thought.


My new wife was a looker, sexy and lean.
To me she was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen.
But shortly after we married she tried to make me over,
and that's when I knew that the honeymoon was over.

Oh how the years seemed to slowly slip away.
I thought about my first wife and children every day.
I could almost smell the biscuits as I'd crawl out of bed,
but now all that lay beside me was an aging sleepy head.

My first wife is now married to a jewel of a man I'm told.
He spoils her and cherishes her, and now he's growing old,
with the woman that I love.


My children, when they have time, come around every now and then,
but I can't help but reminisce what my life just might have been,
if I'd stayed home like I should have.

Now I'm old and all alone, living out my life in an old retirement home.
My second wife died and my children don't seem to care,
for they are now enjoying the dad who was always there.

Oh, if I could live my live all over again,
I wouldn't have been as selfish as I'd been back then.
I would now love my wife for being a wonderful mother,
and respect her and cherish her as my only lover.


But all these things just cannot be,
for now it's just too late for me.
But as for yourself you'd better think twice,
should you ever want to leave your wife.

For some things can never be the same,
and I only have myself to blame.
Now my days are numbered, and I'm still so all alone.
I pray that God forgives me as I sit here all alone,
in my retirement home.

Author: Agatha Weeks
Copyright 2003


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