Think Before You Chew

Think Before You Chew

I'm just a little calorie but I'm as deadly as can be. By myself I'm harmless, but I multiply rapidly.

After about 3,000 or so I can make a pound. I can act so silently that you forget that I'm around.

I come in many forms and colors, and I prepare myself so well. Most people simply adore me, for they like the way I taste and smell.

That's when I multiply, instead of one I'm two. Little by little, if you don't watch out, I'll end up disfiguring you!

Once I'm invited into your once tidy home, I'll invade the places you dislike the most for I clearly love to roam.

This is where I'll set up housekeeping, and my business will expand each day. It depends on you, how big I grow, as to how long I decide to stay.

At first you won't even know I'm there, and after awhile you'll no longer care, for I'll rob you of your self esteem.

Not only will I hurt your pride and make you feel so bad inside; I'll even affect your health you see, so why not take control of me, and "think before you chew"!

Help me realize that it is my responsibility to keep myself physically fit, because my body is the temple of my soul.

© Copyright, Agatha Weeks


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